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Jan 16
Could you imagine how amazing domestic violence would be if everyone knew karate?
— Comedian (I missed his name) on Conan
I’ve never had a phone get better after I’ve bought it.
— Ben, my friend, on our iPhone updates
It doesn’t matter how good or bad the [Amazon Kindle] is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore. Forty percent of the people in the U.S. read one book or less last year. The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore.
If every band had this simple and beautiful an experience to sell their music online I’d be spending way more money on MP3s.
See, video if you’re confused.  — peterwknox

See, video if you’re confused. — peterwknox

star wars: last supper — szymon  — sid05Obvious reblog.  Does he break bread with a lightsaber? And how does theology deal with TWO trilogies? — peterwknox

star wars: last supperszymonsid05

Obvious reblog.  Does he break bread with a lightsaber? And how does theology deal with TWO trilogies?


iPhone icon rejects

Now that we can move icons off of the iPhone home screen, is anyone keeping the iTunes WiFi store on page 1?

My rejects, shifted to page 2:

  • Photos: Never use it.

  • Notes: Never use it. Not very useful without sync.

  • Calculator: Sucks. Give me an iPhone version of Soulver.

  • YouTube: Sucks over EDGE, don’t need it with WiFi.

  • iTunes WiFi Music Store: On the rare occasion that I need it, I’m happy to flick to the second page…


Dear everyone who consistently fails to stop their car so that I can cross at the pedestrian crosswalk, or even fails to stop when I’m halfway across the pedestrian crosswalk:

Don’t talk on your cellphone when you’re supposed to be driving your car.



I bet the Air becomes Apple’s flagship notebook

I’ve been using Apple laptops pretty much exclusively for the last ten years (all the way back to the 3400c), and this thing is, without a doubt, the sexiest, slickest, most tasteful laptop to ever exist ever.  It’s going to be impossible to hold that thing next to a MacBook and not consider flipping the extra bucks (or taking the slower hard drive over the MacBook Pro).

We’re already shelling out $1500 to get the MacBooks in black.  It’s priced as the gorgeous, chic up-sell to the dull MacBooks, and a cheaper, sleeker alternative to anyone who doesn’t need the power of the MacBook Pro.  I’m waiting to see these start showing up with freshman after the summer, and be made ubiquitous over the next 3-4 years by jealous classmates.  Expect to hear lots of pleads to parents about overweight bags and back problems.

I bet we also see it steer folks considering a new MacBook Pro towards an (ultra-mobile) Air + (big/fast) iMac combo for a few hundred dollars more.

Speaking of the iMac, one thing I learned selling computers at Tekserve:  People are really convinced they need (or will even ever unplug) a portable computer, even if it’s just going to wind up sitting on their desk until they replace it.  Probably for the same reason we always list “Travel” as a hobby.  For all those shoppers lured in by the iMac’s sex appeal, it’s going to be really hard to put down the Air with its disproportionally large trackpad and screen staring at you like a puppy.  And it gets really bad when the price comes down $100-300.

As for me, I’m still living/developing off one laptop, so the 13” screen is tough.  I’m hoping the MacBooks eventually get replaced with a 13” MBP to make room for a 15” Air.  That’s the day I wind up spending WAY too much money on a solid-state drive.

So far as I can tell, all of the early details have been positive:

  • The battery can’t be removed, but can be swapped out while you wait at any Apple Store for $129.
  • Remote Disc looks brilliant and solves the problem of unused optical drives taking up space in portable computers.
  • No important ports missing.  If you’re in a dorm or apartment w/o wifi, you can print, browse, and blast your music wirelessly for $99.  It can drive a 24” monitor, and with Bluetooth the USB port shouldn’t be doing much more than charging your iPod.

The only caveats: No 3D gaming or firewire.  With all my video coming off of USB and all my gaming happening on Xbox, I think I’ll get by.

Not only does this thing look magical, it does something that seems remarkable for something in the ultra-portable class:  For most people, this can be their computer.  The computer they take to school, take notes on, work from, sync photos to, and browse porn on.  Not just a mobile companion to a desktop.  A real computer, without any excess, that’s going to be REALLY hard not to fall in love with.



The Stevenote in 60 Seconds from TechCrunch. — marclafountain

From Gizmodo: Apple Introduces the thinnest case for the world’s thinnest laptop.  — marclafountain

From Gizmodo: Apple Introduces the thinnest case for the world’s thinnest laptop. — marclafountain


Valleywag has this great video from Kevin Nalts that looks at how the MacBook Air is leading other laptops to take extreme measures to become thin. — marclafountain

Jan 15

The owner of the camera just came to my apartment and I returned it.

The second best part? This is nuts: The girl who owned the camera, who is visiting NYC from Dallas, TX, is friends with someone who reads my site every day. So it wasn’t even a crazy six-degrees-of-separation story. A girl lost a camera. Her friend reads the website of the guy who found it. Case closed.

The best part? She came by with four girlfriends. So I had the undivided attention of five very cute girls for ten solid minutes. And now this site has five new fans!!!